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SOLVD is proud to pledge 1% of our revenue to Salesforce’s Pledge 1% initiative for two fundamental reasons. First, this commitment enables us to directly contribute to nonprofit organizations and community development projects, making a positive impact in our local and global communities. Second, our support also advances environmental responsibility by assisting in reforestation and renewable energy initiatives, thereby reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability.


Each holiday season, SOLVD proudly spearheads our Season of Giving initiative, dedicated to supporting families in need. As winter approaches, we focus on providing essential warmth and comfort through the distribution of jackets, gloves, and new clothes to families living below the poverty line. Our commitment extends beyond practical necessities, as we also aim to bring joy to the holiday season by including a variety of bonus toys for the children. Emphasizing a sense of community and togetherness, we create a welcoming space for these families, fostering hope and support. Our goal is not only to offer material assistance but also to ensure that during a challenging time, these families can experience the joys of the season.

We’ve worked with the local school district to get a list of the families that need the most help, and asked the parents to fill out a form for each child to see what they need. Items like jackets, gloves, new shoes, etc. Then we asked to add interests so we can make sure the kid is grinning ear to ear when opening up the fun gifts we get them in addition to the basic necessities. Our team shops for the families. 

We’ve coordinated with the school to have the parents pick up the wrapped gifts from the school at the Jolly Jamboree so they can take them home and put them under the tree. The holidays are about making memories, having traditions, and spending time with the people you love most. At Jolly Jamboree these families will be creating those memories while receiving a delicious warm meal, we will have a holiday craft station, Cookie decorating stations and so much more. 

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“I love that every year SOLVD chooses to focus on giving back to the community through our annual season of giving event. Through out my life I have been able to coordinate similar projects with different teams but I always felt something was missing. I believe that SOLVD has found that missing piece. Here we just don’t focus on a number, or a certain amount of donations we focus on the person behind the need. We find out what they need and want and find a way to give it to them. We host an event with the community as well to get to know the families and their stories. We focus more on the people behind the charity work and it speaks volumes to the culture we emulate at SOLVD. The Q4 event is my favorite because I get to bond with our internal team while building relationships with members of our local community in meaningful ways.” 

Becca Lough