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Slack Quick Start

How SOLVD Helps You

SOLVD offers time-based billing. Pay only for what you need based on actual time spent. Our quick start offers a discount that results to a $200/hr bill rate.

Allowing your company to be up and running quickly with your new system.

Together, we’ll craft a tailored strategy encompassing customized channel plans and efficient administration management processes for your company Slack Workspace.

We’ll streamline and optimize your Slack experience by customizing your workspace, creating channels, implementing automation, refining formatting and styling, adding your workspace icon, and incorporating custom emoji packs.

Within Slack, each individual assumes a designated role, each of which is accompanied by specific permissions and access levels. We’ll establish user privileges, configure your Slack admin settings, reinforce channel security measures, and implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to enhance overall security.

We’ll guide you through your Slack workspace, ensuring a smooth adoption process that delivers immediate value to users. Should you require ongoing assistance, we provide comprehensive and cost effective Slack admin services to cater to your needs.

At the end of the quick start, we’ll strategize integration and automation plans. If time allows, we’ll start implementing them, seamlessly connecting key tools like Google Calendar, Salesforce, and Asana to streamline your workflow.

Your Investment

15 hours
1-2 weeks

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What our clients are saying


"We have engaged SOLVD not only for project based work but also for their outsourced admin services. SOLVD is able to quickly understand our business needs and propose efficient and effective solutions. They are responsive, disciplined, and communicative. We have had a positive and professional experience with each and every member or the SOLVD team. The breadth and depth of expertise SOLVD provides has been invaluable to us as a company."
Trish Dudley
Sr. Director zSpace
“The SOLVD team designed a stylish and modern Sales Cloud Lightning Web Component to seamlessly integrate with our company's flagship product and place our custom sales analytic insights right at our clients' fingertips in their day-to-day CRM. We partnered with SOLVD seeking experienced developers with strong familiarity of the Salesforce ecosystem and the AppExchange to build an easy-to-manage, robust solution to interpret and visually showcase a wide range of complex data. SOLVD met and exceeded our expectations, producing a well-structured and easy-to-install package with an emphasis on crisp aesthetics, high-quality code, clean documentation, and data security. As a company of data professionals with more expertise behind-the-scenes, we found the SOLVD team to be instrumental in bridging the gap toward the consumer-facing and administrative sides of Salesforce. They were courteous, organized, timely, and knowledgeable with a constant willingness to work with us as a collaborator to flesh out the project, relay progress, and educate us on processes and steps specific to Salesforce that would have otherwise been burdensome to understand without guidance. Whether new to Salesforce or an old hat, we strongly recommend SOLVD as an asset to any organization looking to elevate their experience or make waves in the Salesforce community.”
David Wald
Vice President at Pilytix