Unlock the Mystery: Simplifying User Access in Salesforce

Salesforce is like a sprawling metropolis, with users scattered throughout, each with their own access privileges. As a Salesforce admin, it can be challenging to decipher what a user can and cannot do. Thankfully, Salesforce has heard our pleas and is working on a solution – an access summary on the User Record. In this blog post, we’ll explore this upcoming feature and provide some handy workarounds in the meantime.

Understanding User Access: A Salesforce Scavenger Hunt

Imagine you’re in a massive amusement park, filled with rides, games, and attractions. However, there are no maps, and you have no idea which areas are off-limits and which ones you can explore. That’s how it often feels for Salesforce admins trying to understand user access.

Currently, admins have to dig through multiple settings and configurations to piece together a user’s access privileges. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, blindfolded.

The Workaround: Following the Clues

While we eagerly await the access summary feature, let’s explore some workarounds that can help shed light on a user’s access:

1. Understanding Profiles: Start by checking the user’s profile. Profiles serve as a foundation for determining access rights. If certain permissions are missing, consider creating a new profile or modifying existing ones.

2. Unraveling Permission Sets: In the amusement park analogy, permission sets are like VIP passes that grant additional privileges. If a user’s access seems unusual, check if they have any permission sets assigned. You can find this information under the user’s profile settings.

3. Navigating Role Hierarchy: Like a hierarchy of power, Salesforce’s role hierarchy determines what records a user can access. If a user can’t see certain records, review their role and the roles above them to ensure proper visibility.

4. Peeking at Sharing Rules: Just as certain areas in the amusement park are accessible to a select few, sharing rules control record access in Salesforce. If a user’s access seems restricted, check if there are any sharing rules in place that could be impacting their visibility.

5. Trail of Login History: In the hunt for access clues, don’t overlook the user’s login history. By examining login details, you can detect any suspicious or unexpected access.

The Roadmap Ahead: The Access Summary Feature

Think of the upcoming access summary feature as an all-encompassing map for user access within a Salesforce org. It will reveal both the what and the how of a user’s privileges. While details are still being finalized, here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

1. Permission Pictogram: A visual representation of the user’s access rights, displayed as a user-friendly iconography.

2. Permission Origins: Understanding how a user acquired their access – whether through their profile, permission sets, or other means.

3. Record-Level Revelations: Unveiling the specific data records a user can view and interact with, along with the underlying mechanisms that grant them that access.

Unlocking a Better Salesforce Experience

Once the access summary feature arrives, admins will have a newfound clarity in their user management efforts. No longer will they feel like detectives piecing together fragments of information. Instead, they’ll have a comprehensive snapshot of user access, making their jobs more efficient and stress-free.


At SOLVD, we’re passionate about helping Salesforce admins and users navigate the intricacies of the platform. If you’re hungry for more Salesforce insights or would like to talk more about implementing better user access management, feel free to reach out to SOLVD here to learn more about our consulting services.

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