Navigating the Salesforce Warning Message Dilemma

In the dynamic world of Salesforce administration, a new challenge has emerged: the need for more nuanced, condition-based warning messages during record saving. Unlike the rigid structure of validation rules, which outright prevent record saving, users are seeking a more flexible approach. They want a system that allows for a warning message to pop up when certain conditions are met, offering options like ‘Continue with Save’ or ‘Cancel Save’. This feature would be particularly useful in double-checking key data changes that could trigger significant workflow rules.

Current Salesforce Status: On the Horizon but Not Yet Here

Salesforce has acknowledged this need, recognizing the potential benefits of configurable warning-only validation rules. However, they’ve also highlighted the complexities involved, especially in maintaining data integrity and avoiding confusion with multiple conditions. As of now, this feature is on Salesforce’s radar but not in the immediate pipeline.

Creative Workarounds: Leveraging External Solutions

While Salesforce works on this feature, the community hasn’t been idle. There are a couple of innovative workarounds that Salesforce admins and users can explore:

1. Google’s Open Source Project – SF Evolve Forms: This project offers a solution to the warning message dilemma. It includes a feature for conditionally rendered warnings, which can be a game-changer for Salesforce users. You can explore this solution in detail here.


2. Salesforce CPQ Alert Rules: For those using Salesforce CPQ, there’s a built-in feature that might serve as a temporary workaround. By adding “Alert” to the type field on a product rule, you can create non-required warning boxes. This isn’t a direct solution to the original problem but can be useful in certain scenarios. More details can be found on Salesforce’s help page here.


3. Free AppExchange Product: The Salesforce community has also developed a free AppExchange product that addresses this need. It requires a Chrome extension installation but can be a handy tool for admins and users looking for immediate solutions. Check out the product here.


Embracing Simplicity and Innovation

At SOLVD, we understand the importance of finding simple, effective solutions to complex Salesforce challenges. Our approach is always about cutting through the noise to deliver straightforward, cost-effective solutions. If you’re grappling with this warning message challenge or any other Salesforce issue, we invite you to explore more of what SOLVD has to offer.

Conclusion: A Community Effort Towards Better Solutions

While we wait for Salesforce to officially roll out this feature, the community’s ingenuity provides valuable stopgaps. These workarounds not only address immediate needs but also showcase the power of collaborative problem-solving in the Salesforce ecosystem. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity for innovation, and sometimes, the best solutions come from thinking outside the box. 

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