How do I keep up with all the AI tools coming out and figure out what they mean for my business?

AI is Intimidating

AI is getting smarter and faster than people can keep up with and the implications for business are exciting and scary all at once. Leaders need to be able to understand what threats AI poses to their business, what AI could be implemented in their company to keep them competitive, and which tools are the best fit for their needs and existing technology.

Image from GPT4 voice conversation feature

Chief AI Officer

Most companies can’t afford a Chief AI Officer for $500k / year. As AI continues to accelerate, even a full-time executive won’t be able to keep up with every new tool and consideration that might be applicable to your business. AI newsletters and podcasts are helpful but they are generic and don’t have the context of being tailored to your specific business needs.

Moving at the Speed of AI

To keep up with AI, you need an AI on your team. That’s why we have created a virtual Chief AI Officer (CAIO), to watch all corners of the web, learn about every new AI tool, and utilize our consultative approach to understanding your business. This CAIO will ask you key questions about your business to understand your industry, organizational structure, objectives, and existing technology tools. Then it will provide you with personalized guidance on three levels:

1) Threats – where could AI disrupt or harm your business,

2) Strategy – how can you implement AI to grow your business and protect against disruption, and

3) Tools – which tools would work for your use case, and with your existing technology stack that should be considered for your objectives.


At SOLVD, we’re committed to keeping your data secure. That’s why our AI models don’t use inputs or outputs for training.