Why Your Salesforce.com Certifications Might Be Expiring Right Now

Certification updates have moved

If you have been around salesforce long enough to get certified, you are familiar with webassessor, the service that salesforce has long used to take certification tests and renewal exams. Well, if you missed the memo (or the countless salesforce emails on the subject) here’s what you need to know. Certification updates for many salesforce certifications is now managed in trailhead.

What you should do

Link accounts

The first thing you need to do is link your webassessor and trailhead accounts by going here. This allows salesforce and webassessor to make sure that they are properly updating your credentials as you take some tests in webassessor and others in trailhead moving forward.

Verify your status

The next step is to go here and verify your credential status to see what credentials may require a maintenence exam. The tool also tells you where to take it (trailhead or webassesor). Neat!

Take your maintenance exams

Now you know which credentials are at risk of expiring. Take those exams right away to ensure they don’t lapse. If you allow them to lapse, you will have to take the entire exam over again, which includes paying full price for the exam. Ouch!

Trailhead is taking over

Trailhead is Salesforce.com’s homegrown training and learning platform. Beyond the fun animations, badges, superbadges and trails is a larger objective; salesforce is trying to build the future of sales training and learning. This is manifesting itself in their own certification process, and they seem to have plans to fully migrate certification onto trailhead over time. Additionally, they are bringing this ability to their customers through myTrailhead. You can learn more about leveraging this platform for your company here.

If you have not linked you accounts, your credentials will lapse. Make sure you take the above actions right away to avoid getting lost in the migration, and having to retake the tests for your credentials.

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