Optimize Your Business with Volley

Working from home comes with its challenges...

mostly from missing the face-to-face interaction with your teammates. So a few months ago we at SOLVD started to implement Volley into our day-to-day with our teams… spoiler alert- we are loving it!

Volley is an absolutely amazing free app that makes us feel like we are on a live call, connecting with our team but it gives us the flexibility to choose when to respond. The team at Volley said it best “Communication is culture, especially for remote teams. Volley fosters team cohesion like never before.”

“Volley does indeed move work forward faster. Even more important for me is it has allowed me to move relationships forward.” - Kasey Hart @ Experts Exchange

At SOLVD we’ve reduced our meetings, cleared up our schedules, and created training workspaces that have been an absolute game-changer. We took our stand-up meetings and moved them into asynchronous meetings. From our solo stand-ups to our different team’s channels we’ve created we use Volley on the daily.

One of our favorite ways at SOLVD to use Volley though is through the different training channels we’ve created. From our Sharpen the Saw channel that lets our Certified Salesforce Consultants share with the whole team new things they have learned or if they have questions while working on a project to our Leadership Team channel where we talk about our benefits and how to improve our team’s culture.

“I can do in 3-4 minutes what would have taken 30 minutes in a Zoom call”- Steve Lefkovitz @ RealtyCom

Check out all the awesome features Volley has to offer for you to start optimizing your business. Try it, there’s nothing to lose- it’s free!

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Our clients say

From my initial call with Spencer through project implementation with John and Evan, my experience with the SOLVD team was excellent. They were quick to understand our business needs, clear when explaining the reasoning behind proposed solutions, transparent when reporting on progress and timeline, and all around enjoyable to work with. Would highly recommend and looking forward to continue working with them in the future!

Veronica Wong Director of Operations at Pathstream

SOLVD was very straight forward with everything needed to complete the project. No surprises, no issues, and cost was aligned with the estimate. They made implementation easy and quick.

Matt Benzaquen Sr Manager, Sales Strategy at Instabug

As a rule, I'm pretty stingy with my recommendations. So it's a pleasure for me to recommend Solvd as a top-flight Salesforce consultancy. Solvd recently led our company's conversion to the Lightning interface and did it on time, on budget and made it easy for me and my team. I know I'll use their services again, and am confident they can do the same for you.

Tim Tuttle CFO at Relevate Health Group