Log Automated Emails onto Activity Timeline in Salesforce

Imagine a world where every email you send out through Salesforce’s automated workflows not only reaches its intended recipient but also gets recorded in the system for future reference. This isn’t a distant dream but a reality that Salesforce has brought to life. Let’s dive into this new feature and understand its significance.

The Need for Recording Automated Emails

Salesforce’s automated email capability has always been a powerful tool, allowing users to send out emails to users, leads and contacts automatically. However, one piece was missing: the ability to track these emails against the record’s activity timeline. Think of it as sending out a letter and not having a copy for your records. This poses challenges, especially when someone calls in to discuss the content of the email. Without a record, how would you know what was sent?

The Solution: Activity History for Automated Emails

Salesforce has introduced a “Log email on Send” input when creating an email action in Flow. Once checked, every email sent out through the flow will be recorded on the record’s activity history. So, the next time a client or prospect calls in, you’ll have a complete record of what was communicated, ensuring transparency and better customer service.


How to Use This Feature

Navigate to Setup then create or open up an existing flow.

Add an “Action” element from the Flow Builder and search for the “Send Email” action

Populate the inputs for the “Send Email” action, making sure you set the “Log Email on Send” input to {!$GlobalConstant.True}.

For example, to send and log an email to a contact record and also log to its related account record, set Log Email on Send to {!$GlobalConstant.True} (1). Then, set Recipient ID to the contact record’s ID (2) and Related Record ID to the account record’s ID (3). 

Save and Test: Always test your flow to ensure it’s working as expected.

Wrapping Up

This enhancement is a testament to Salesforce’s commitment to improving user experience and functionality. It’s a small input, but its impact is significant. And as always, if you’re looking to optimize your Salesforce experience further, don’t hesitate to check out SOLVD. Our unique approach to Salesforce consulting ensures you get top-tier solutions without breaking the bank.

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