"The culture here is unlike any other I’ve experienced. That culture, and the team that embodies it, is the unfair advantage that I believe makes SOLVD the rocket-ship that it is."

– Aleesha Lough Brand + Alliance Director

I recently got off of a call where someone asked me what was my favorite thing about working at SOLVD. It didn’t take me very long to think of my answer… everything, literally everything. From our culture to our team, to the mentorship we receive and every day I get to broaden my skill set. 

At SOLVD, we care about our people and our community. We invest in our teams by rewarding them with a whole lot of rewards and benefits. When we say our team is our most important asset, we mean it. Our benefits include mandatory days off, flexible working, unlimited PTO, healthcare, in-home massages, 401K to name but a few.

I was having a tough day so I decided to block my morning and get a massage. I didn’t need to go anywhere because one of our work benefits is that we have allotted hours we can use to have our in-home massage therapist come to us. I was able to relax, reset, and recover for two hours so I could be my best the rest of the day. I didn’t miss any meetings, I worked a little longer that day but was more productive because I put my mental health first.

We talk about our team and what we want our culture to look like on our leadership calls, how can we encourage our team to take time off when they need it, burnout isn’t anyone’s friend. Our CEO created a benefit of mandatory days off, each month we have a different amount of mandatory days we have to take off, it’s an absolute game-changer. We know that when you offer unlimited paid time off, the question is often asked how much vacation can you really take? Our Leadership Team really encourages others to take their vacations. And vacation means more than leaving the office. Forgetting about Slack, Volley, and work email during weekends, mandatory days off, and vacation means our team can really unplug.

That company you wish existed, well it does. You just have to find it. Look for the company that aligns with you, your values, find the company that puts people over ego because they know without their team they would be nothing. I’ve worked in toxic work environments before, more than 10 days of vacations was a dream I thought I would never see. Now I have unlimited PTO, in-home massage, mandatory days off and so much more. The culture here is unlike any other I’ve experienced. That culture, and the team that embodies it, is the unfair advantage that I believe makes SOLVD the rocketship that it is. Having PTO, Health Insurance, 401k, etc that is the bare minimum. It’s time for companies to do better, I am so happy I get to be a part of a team that actually does. 

People over Ego,  Always. ✌🏻

P.S. Did I mention we are hiring? Experienced CPQ Specialists + Salesforce Developers if you are interested or know someone you think might be a good fit apply here.



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