Are Salesforce Certifications Worth It?

Salesforce is the World’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform.

There’s never been a better time to start a Salesforce career.  They help businesses with marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere — so we can keep our customers happy everywhere. Working to get certified through Salesforce can help grow your resume and highlight your skills.

When you obtain certification through Salesforce you’re demonstrating to yourself, your employer, and your future clients that you have the skills. No matter your role; admin, marketer, developer, or consultant there are Salesforce certifications that will help you level up.

A certification is an official acceptance from Salesforce that says I know my stuff. Earning a Salesforce certification requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You can only receive one once you are tested on the expertise and pass the exam. Wear that badge with honor once you get it! 


SOLVD’s Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Being Salesforce Certified

1. Competitive Edge

Getting certifications through Salesforce helps show your hands-on experience with Salesforce, while other applicants may not be certified. Set yourself apart and up for success.

2. Build Clients Trust

Clients hire Salesforce consulting firms to help solve their Salesforce problems. When the firm has consultants with certifications you instantly build trust with future clients. They know they have experts working on their projects.  

3. Options, Options, Options

Not sure what type of certification you want to get? Salesforce certifications come in all shapes and sizes. With over 40+ certifications you can get one or ten, it’s up to you. You get to choose what direction you want to take your Salesforce career. 

4. Ongoing Learning

Salesforce makes it easy for you to stay up to date with their software. Salesforce created MyTrailhead, a digital skills platform, that guides you through each step of learning and taking the exams. Each cert requires an initial certification exam and then a yearly product update exam to keep your knowledge current. 

5. Make More Money

According to Payscale, Salesforce Certified Administrators can make between $50,000 and $100,000 a year, depending on education and experience levels with a median salary of $72k. The salary climbs higher the more certifications you have, proving to future employers that you have proven knowledge of the platform.

Salesforce plans to create 9 million new jobs by 2026, what a perfect opportunity with the most up-to-date learning from the World’s #1 CRM platform.

Whether you’re a future #AwesomeAdmin or an aspiring developer, earning a Salesforce certification has helped tens of thousands squash their career goals by growing their resume, providing skills, and giving a competitive edge to their future employers.

Did we mention we are hiring? 🙂

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Our clients say

From my initial call with Spencer through project implementation with John and Evan, my experience with the SOLVD team was excellent. They were quick to understand our business needs, clear when explaining the reasoning behind proposed solutions, transparent when reporting on progress and timeline, and all around enjoyable to work with. Would highly recommend and looking forward to continue working with them in the future!

Veronica Wong Director of Operations at Pathstream

SOLVD was very straight forward with everything needed to complete the project. No surprises, no issues, and cost was aligned with the estimate. They made implementation easy and quick.

Matt Benzaquen Sr Manager, Sales Strategy at Instabug

As a rule, I'm pretty stingy with my recommendations. So it's a pleasure for me to recommend Solvd as a top-flight Salesforce consultancy. Solvd recently led our company's conversion to the Lightning interface and did it on time, on budget and made it easy for me and my team. I know I'll use their services again, and am confident they can do the same for you.

Tim Tuttle CFO at Relevate Health Group