Spring ’19 Release Is Going To Be Awesome. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Spring ‘19 Release

It’s that time again where your mouth starts to water as some of the long-awaited Salesforce features you requested are ready for you to sink your teeth into. Let’s dive into what’s coming!

Note: you should already be seeing these features in your sandboxes (except for non-preview sandboxes) so make sure to spin up a new sandbox, or refresh an existing one to take a look at how the changes will impact your org.


  • Lightning flow builder is finally here! On top of updating the interface to get rid of flash (finally), Salesforce made some changes that make it a lot cleaner to build automation. If for some reason you want to go back into flash purgatory, you can go to setup -> process automation settings and deselect the checkbox for “disable access to cloud flow designer”. Then you can move between both interfaces. Note however that error messages will now use the updated terminology of the new interface, so go back at your own risk. Hands-on preview below:

  • If you have ever had to rebuild an entire lightning page because you wanted to change the template, rejoice. You can now change the template and map where the components should go on the new template.

  • If you use Quip, get ready to have your mind blown. In beta, there is a new lightning component that allows you to create and work on related quip files on a salesforce record, edit them, mention others, etc. You can set up templates that merge data as well, so on a project record, you could create a templated meeting notes related quip doc. On an account record, you could create a related account plan document. The possibilities are huge here, so make sure you play with this incredible feature! Hands-on preview below:

Talk to your developers

Help your business leaders and executives

  • Einstein next best action is something you should work closely with your business leaders to implement. If you are unfamiliar check out the notes on it here and start a conversation internally about how you can configure strategies to prompt your business users to take the best next step at key points in your processes. then just add the next best action component to lightning pages and the suggested actions component to your communities on relevant interfaces. Hands-on preview below:

  • A nice nugget that I would discuss with my sales leaders is that in this release, they will make Einstein Opportunity Scoring available to all users if there is just one Einstein Sales license in use. That make buying your first Einstein Sales license a great investment.

  • If you paid for extra Salesforce storage, now is the time to reevaluate that. Salesforce is increasing base storage by 10x, from 1 GB to 10 GB. This will matter most to small and mid-sized organizations, since the amount of storage per user has not changed.

  • If you previously enjoyed giving thanks in chatter, you can now do so from lightning. Talk to your leaders about this as a potential recognition method, and if they are interested you will need to ask Salesforce to enable the pilot, then add the action in relevant locations. While I generally avoid SF pilots, this is one that is pretty low risk.

  • Last call to address field history retention before the deletes start happening. If you rely on field history older than 24 months, make sure you let your business leaders know that they will need to purchase the FAT add-on.

  • If your company is needing to worry about new privacy legislation (it probably is) check out the new objects provided and discuss with the business how this will affect their workflow. Then in setup, go to data protection and privacy, click edit, and make the details available.

  • If you are global and have users in South Africa or India, check out the new languages available. You might want to discuss whether you want to roll this out to users in those geographies.

Inform your users

  • PINNED LISTS!!!! Make sure your users know that the days of having to change the list view from “Recently Viewed” to their most common list view each time they go to an object are finally over. Users have been dying for this feature and it has finally arrived.

  • Your console users will be delighted to find out that they can now promote a subtab to it’s own workspace tab. Make sure they are trained so they can start using the feature to improve their workflow.

  • Chatter got some nice improvements. Chatter sort is now sticky, meaning it will remember what you filtered last. You can add hyperlinks to posts and comments which you might want to consider the implications of in communities for example, where users could link to content or sites that you may not approve of. A cool use for this is to link other salesforce records using the / notation. And the redirect links in chatter emails got shorter and cleaner. Hands-on preview below:

If you have questions about this release, or want to discuss new features, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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