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As a registered Salesforce consulting partner, we specialize in setting up and managing a range of effective products and tools that take your businesss to the next level.

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Save time,
Save money

Configure, Price, Quote by Salesforce is a great tool for companies with complex product configurations. With the nearly infinite variability inherent in pricing, CPQ can be tricky to set up. An organization needs to consider optional features, customizations, quantities and discounts during implementation. 

When done right, a CPQ implementation will help your sales organization work smarter and more profitably. The work spent on your CPQ system can help make processes, like submitting proposals, lean and efficient.

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Sales Cloud

Enjoy replicable success

From sales and marketing to billing and fulfillment, your sales organization requires a variety of components to run smoothly. With all of these moving parts it’s easy for a system to become disjointed and inefficient. Sales Cloud can help you quickly adapt processes that turn strategy into revenue.   

We will help you connect the dots between customer interactions and opportunities. Sales Cloud enables you to generate insights and forecasts powered by AI. Quickly respond to new market opportunities, plan territories, see performance and more.

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service cloud

Help your agents understand their customers

Service Cloud enables you to resolve cases faster with better results, create a shared view of every customer communication, and streamline your field service operations. We help you connect customers to the information they’re looking for faster than ever.

Give your support and success teams the tools they need to ensure customer satisfaction the first time. You can even improve productivity using AI-powered recommendations and scale services with instant chatbot support.

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help your systems work as one

Despite developers’ best efforts, there is no one-size fits all tool that can manage all of your business needs. You need a solution that can help your various systems work efficiently together, and that’s why integration is crucial to success.

SOLVD has expertise in Zapier,, Mulesoft Composer, and nearly any middleware your organization might be using to manage integrations. We also have in-house developers that can create customization unique to you on and off Salesforce.

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experience cloud

cross-channel connection

Connect every step of the customer journey by breaking down silos and connecting systems, data, applications, and content with Experience Cloud. Our consultants can build connected CRM portals, websites, apps, forums, and set up responsive portals so customers can view articles, update their accounts, and even create claims. 

Our team helps you go beyond prebuilt solutions and templates. Instead, we’ll create something for your unique business needs, whether that’s pulling in data from legacy sources, personalizing content, or providing community analytics.

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create connections and close deals

Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps companies get the most out of their marketing efforts. From social media platforms to trade shows, it’s nearly impossible to manually track and manage the various touchpoints generated by conventional marketing. Pardot gives you the tools to close the gaps and balance your sales funnel. We provide the expertise to get the most out of those tools. 

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Field Service

Deliver trusted field service from anywhere — fast.

Scale your field service with remote assistance. Allow customers to instantly book phone and video appointments through a customer portal.

Leverage automation to prioritize essential jobs — and save employees time — by intelligently assigning the right workers to the right projects based on skills, location, and business rules. Increase efficiency by giving dispatchers full visibility into the mobile workforce and every job on a single screen.

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lightning web

components reusable and cross-platform customization

Using Lightning Web Components, our developers help improve the performance of your Salesforce organization. By combining the Web Components programming model with Salesforce metadata, we can create reusable components your administrators can use inflows and lightning pages. These custom-developed Lightning Web Components can be used on Salesforce and even on other platforms like Netsuite.

"SOLVD is a supremely professional organization. They have detailed and expert knowledge of Salesforce. From start to finish, the set proper guidance and expectations. Can’t say enough good things about their ability to run a successful project."
Danny Leonard
Principal at Keep Scaling
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