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For over 2 ½ years, Melanie has been a noteworthy analyst in the Salesforce space. Having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management from Brigham Young University. Thriving on task-based projects her skills shine through working through analyzing and solving technical problems. In her free time, she takes advantage of Utah summers with hiking and in the winter loves to ski, as well as playing and watching basketball.

Bi-lingual in English and Tagalong



What is your favorite thing about Salesforce?

I love how customizable it is. We can look at a company’s processes and totally customize Salesforce to fit their exact needs.

What client project have you worked on that you are most proud of?

We started a project with a large client where the CEO told us he didn’t want anything to do with the project or to be CC’ed on any emails. Shortly after he saw what we were implementing, it sparked his interest and he has been very involved in all meetings, emails, and decision-making ever since.

What has your experience been with our company culture?

SOLVD has the best company culture that I have ever seen or heard of. Everyone is motivated to work hard toward the company’s success through setting personal and team goals. We are not rewarded for being selfish but rather for our hard work, successful projects, and how much we help and support our team, especially our secondaries and new hires. SOLVD always makes it a point for every employee to feel adequately compensated and taken care of at this company and he has been very successful at that.

What is your team like?

My team consists of both experienced consultants and well as newer ones. We are very collaborative and are willing to ask and answer questions for our own growth and to the benefit of our clients.

What are some things you’ve noticed about our leadership team?

They are very humble and never too busy to help answer questions. They are not overly critical and always give feedback that is helpful, not hurtful. I always feel uplifted, encouraged, and valued by our leadership. This creates a sense of loyalty and honor for our leadership.

What have been your biggest accomplishments on our team?

We have had some big steps in getting larger clients, gaining good reviews for our Salesforce status, and having clients continually come back to us for more work.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

John is one of the smartest people I have ever met. The way he is so detailed in his learning and has a yearning for knowledge is inspirational. Derik inspires me in the way that he is able to give feedback without me ever feeling like he is disappointed in my work.

What kinds of resources have you taken advantage of while on our team?

SOLVD paid for my certifications and I have taken advantage of the wealth of knowledge that our company has.

Which benefits are your favorite and why?

For sure the weekly massages. Most amazing benefit I have ever heard of.

What’s the most unique part about working here?

We don’t have an office and we value work-life balance. SOLVD works to reduce stress as much as possible by having mandatory days off, weekly free in-home massages, and a flexible schedule.

How have you grown professionally while on our team?

I have gained so much confidence in my ability to run projects and handle clients on my own because of the amount of responsibility and trust that SOLVD gives us as consultants. We are not micromanaged at all which has helped me grow immensely. I have gained both project management and technical skills.

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Our clients say

From my initial call with Spencer through project implementation with John and Evan, my experience with the SOLVD team was excellent. They were quick to understand our business needs, clear when explaining the reasoning behind proposed solutions, transparent when reporting on progress and timeline, and all around enjoyable to work with. Would highly recommend and looking forward to continue working with them in the future!

Veronica Wong Director of Operations at Pathstream

SOLVD was very straight forward with everything needed to complete the project. No surprises, no issues, and cost was aligned with the estimate. They made implementation easy and quick.

Matt Benzaquen Sr Manager, Sales Strategy at Instabug

As a rule, I'm pretty stingy with my recommendations. So it's a pleasure for me to recommend Solvd as a top-flight Salesforce consultancy. Solvd recently led our company's conversion to the Lightning interface and did it on time, on budget and made it easy for me and my team. I know I'll use their services again, and am confident they can do the same for you.

Tim Tuttle CFO at Relevate Health Group




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